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We've been building and managing wake parks for more than 8 years and we know everything that is related to a Wakepark business. We would love to share this experience and grow wakeboarding together with our partners! 

Wakepark consulting

​We know everything on wakeboarding business, and ready to share this knowledge

Concepts, 3d renders

If you plan to find an investor for your wakepark, then probably you will need a decent business plan and a concept of the wakepark you are planning to build. We have done hundreds of such presentations and would be happy to help you with this complicated task. 

Invest projects

If you are planning to invest in a wakepark right now, but it takes so much time and effort to find suitable land, get permissions, plan everything, we have a solution for you: we have several invest projects in different countries, where we have already found a suitable land, planned the whole project and made business plans. You have an opportunity to invest in a well planned projects that are ready to get launched.

Wakepark management

We know how to make profit out of wakepark business, and ready to manage and develop already existing or new park.

Maintenance services

If you don't have a technician on site, that's not a problem: with our maintenance service plans your cable will be treated well and last long.

Field supervision

Our team can manage the construction stage of a wakepark, so it's done according to our high quality standards.

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