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We produce highly reliable cableways and features for wake parks. Besides that, we also make complex business solutions, based on our 10+ years experience in wakeboarding business. We will help you to build a highly profitable wakepark with the most affordable price.


Spin Ring is a full size cable system for wakeboarding and other water sports with high capacity, which suits for professional rides as well as for beginners. Full size allows to place a large number of obstacles on the water which makes riding more diverse and attracts a wider audience in comparison with two tower.

SPIN LINE two tower cableway

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Spin Line - two tower system or system 2, as it's often called. It's cheap, simple and reliable time-tested construction made of high quality materials and components. It works perfect as a part of full-size cable park, where it's used to teach beginners how to ride. Also, it's a great solution for private cable park, or for a small cable park with two system 2 cables.



We offer high quality obstacles for wake parks, distinguished by unusual quality made of 15 mm plastic which provides perfect sliding and durability of features. Our obstacles are the product of collaboration of pro wakeboarders and engineers. Our aim is to create fun and safe obstacles both for beginners and advanced riders.



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Mobile wake park

Our first mobile wake park. Both experienced riders and first-timers could enjoy full-featured 75-meter wake park with terrific set of obstacles.

Strogino Wake Park
That was our first full-size cable. It's 500 long and has obstacles on every corner. All of the obstacles were made by Spin. 
Freestyle Wake Park

Our yet biggest cable, which is 800 meter long and filled with spin obstacles.

two tower cableway
wake park
Hip-Notics Cable Park

Replacement of two old systems with modern  and reliable SPIN two tower.

Rosa Wake Park

The biggest mountain resort in Russia gave us on opportunity to install 2 system cables at the technical lake, at the height of 1100 meters.

Canyon Wake Park

We are trusted all over the globe and our logistics department done great job delivering in just two days.


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