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We are trusted on the highest level, since we are chasing after quality but not after quantity!  We built a wake park on the Red Square. At Spin we design, build and sell high quality and reliable wakeboarding cableways aimed to bring fun for riders and business for owners. We also provide service and maintenance of any wakeboarding cable systems. Tens of thousands people mastered wakeboarding and wakeskating on our cableways, some of them became pro riders and champions. We are ready to produce and deliver cableways to any part of the world and install them.



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Spin Ring is a full size cable system for wakeboarding and other water sports with high capacity, which suits for professional rides as well as for beginners. Full size allows to place a large number of obstacles on the water which makes riding more diverse and attracts a wider audience in comparison with two tower.

Spin Line - two tower system most often used for wakeboarding but also suites for other water sports. Its simple and reliable time-tested construction features high quality materials and components. Safe to ride, flawless operation, ease of usage makes straight-line system the most widespread solution for cable parks.

Two tower cable system adapted to fit into an indoor Olympic-size 50 meters (164.0 ft). swimming pool.


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Spin's initial business was operation, upgrades, and repairs of cableways.

Do you have an old two tower that you want to replace? We have an offer for you! Click for more!

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Our new solution - mobile wake parks based on rapidly erected frame pools. Temporary construction, which requires smallest possible installation time and efforts. The design of the installation allows building wake parks of almost any size.


Spin Control gives you control over cash flow over the wake park: cash registers, flexible and adjustable plans, day/week/month/season passes, discounts. Single use barcode or waterproof RFID wristbands. Controls enter to two tower and full size cable systems.

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We offer high quality obstacles for wake parks, distinguished by unusual quality made of 15 mm plastic which provides perfect sliding and durability of features. Our obstacles are the product of collaboration of the best Russian pro wakeboarders and engineers. The design of obstacles brings both safety and fun for riders.


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Moscow 870

Moscow, Red Square

Designed and built by the order of administration of Moscow in celebration of Moscow’s 870 anniversary. Both experienced riders and first-timers could enjoy full-featured 75-meter wake park with terrific set of obstacles.

Moscow, Russia
Full size cableways for wakeboarders by SPIN. We won the opportunity to build wake park in the heart of Russia – Moscow. The location of the water body is perfect for a wake park with the cableway 500 meters long. The height of the towers is 11.5 meters.
Moscow Wake Park
Moscow, Russia

Dismantling, installation, repairs and upgrade of German full size cable. Infrastructure. Wake park management. Special snow tubing track designed so that cable way is operated all-year round.

Hip-Notics Cable Park
Antalya, Turkey​

Replacement of two old systems with modern  and reliable SPIN two tower.

Shri Wake Park
Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka

We installed two SPIN LINE systems on an artificial lake. The owner of the park had only one criterion for the choice of the cable way which is reliability, so the choice of SPIN was obvious decision.

Canyon Wake Park
Ching Mai, Thailand

We are trusted all over the globe and our logistics department done great job delivering 200 meters SPIN LINE from Moscow to Thailand in just two days.


Vadim V. Perov
Chief Engineer

Professional design engineer with more than 40 years of experience in the design, creation, and production of various devices. Design of mechanical parts and automatic control systems, structural integrity analysis, product quality control, and technological processes. His experience gained within years of work in the aviation industry is now applied in the development and production of SPIN systems.

Igor Perov

CEO. Igor has been developing cable and boat wakeboarding in Russia for more than 15 years. His experience in production, operation, and maintenance of cableways last since 2005. Manages largest wake parks in Russia; "Gravitacia" indoor pool wake park, "Moscow Wake Park", "Vo-Club Moscow".



LLC "Wakeboarding"

Legal address: Russia, 125464, Moscow, Pyatnitskoye Hwy, 16, V; room. 15 

Office: Russia, Moscow,


Igor Perov

mob +7 (926) 611-24-20

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