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wake park, cable wake

What is wakeboarding?

Wakeboarding is a very spectacular kind of sports which allows to get plenty of emotions and fun, being at the same time one of the most safe among extreme sports and does not require specific physical conditioning and fits almost all ages. Every year wakeboarding witnesses sharp growth of popularity and most likely, similar to snowboarding, will be included into Olympic games. Two types of wakeboarding may be defined: cable and boat, so there are two common ways to get pulled around over water: behind boats and with cables.

Advantages of cable wake boarding:

  • high park capacity: up to hundreds people  / day

  • environment friendly

  • spectacularity

  • available for a wider range of audience (7-80 y.o.)

wake park, cable wake
wake park, cable wake

What is a wake park?

Wake park is a leisure center for outdoor activity and watersports such as waterski or wakeboarding. Wake park can be built on the existing natural lake or artificial body of water. It consists of one or several cableways and corresponding infrastructure.

At which weather conditions outdoor wake park may operate?

  • +15°C for wake boarding

  • also suits for snowboarding and tubing in winter on ice and snow

Wake park infrastructure

  • minimum area 200-300 sq. m.

  • necessary infrastructure:

    • reception / box office

    • change room / shower / toilet

    • storage / rental equipment

    • technical room

    • rest area

    • parking place

  • additional  infrastructure:

    • hotel

    • café/restaurant

    • spa

    • pro-shop

    • rock climbing wall

    • nursery room

    • artificial stationary wave

    • stands

    • skate ramp

    • aqua park

wake park, cable wake
wake park, cable wake

What obstacles are for?

Obstacles make riding more variable and attract more customers; capacity of the park increases also.

Two tower or Full size cableway (FSC)

FCS tows riders around a circle. 


  • a longer riding distance, from 400 to 1000 meters

  • high capacity, up to 200-250 people / day sometimes even more

On a two tower rider is towed back and forth between towers.


  • easy to install and to operate

  • small installation area

  • lower cost

wake park, cable wake
wake park, cable wake

What is the production time and how long does it take to install a cableway?

Full size cableway:

Production - 3 months

Installation - 25 - 50 days

Two tower

Production - 1 month

Installation - 3-5 days

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