​"Mobile wake park Moscow-870"

Red Square, Moscow

Designed and built by the order of administration of Moscow in celebration of Moscow’s 870 anniversary. Both experienced riders and first-timers could enjoy full-featured 75-meter wake park with a terrific set of obstacles. Park comprised two quickly erectable pools 50 and 25 meters with the set of obstacles in-between, which allowed performance of tricks and transfer from pool to pool. We also took care about infrastructure including reception, checkroom, illumination, viewpoint lounge, and DJ stand. Installation time: 10 days! 

Hip-notics Cable Park 
Antalya, Turkey​​, 2019

In May of 2019, we did an upgrade of the second existing old German two tower cableway at Hip-Notics. Now our customer enjoys all the benefits of Spin Line: new gearless electric drive, spring suspension assembly, automated control system, and wireless remote control. Spin would be glad to upgrade your old two tower.

​"Canyon Wakepark"

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Two tower cable system SPIN LINE, length between towers 200 m.
Spin sells worldwide! Our logistics department have done fantastic job. In as little as two days the system was delivered from Moscow to Thailand! The peculiarity of the project was that we had to install one of the pylons on a mountain wall on the height of 15 meters, nevertheless we did the installation in the shortest possible time.

Hip-notics Cable Park 
Antalya, Turkey​​, 2018

Replacement of old systems with modern  and reliable SPIN two tower. Upon the wish of the customer old towers remained and special fitting was designed by Spin in order to mount Spin motor and other components on the existing towers. We can easily adapt our system to almost any environment of the spot as well as integrate Spin into existing park management system.

Shri Wake Park
Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka

We installed two SPIN LINE systems on an artificial lake. The owner of the park had only one criterion for the choice of the cable way which is reliability, so the choice of SPIN was obvious decision.

Wake Up Kaunas Pool, Kaunas, Lithuania

SPIN POOL recently installed in Kaunas, Lithuania allows to train and have fun in summer and winter alike.

"Aktau wake park", Aktau, Kazakhstan, Caspian Sea

Spin “LINE” two-tower cable way, 200 m.
Both pylons are mounted to the bottom of the sea.
Despite of sea water Spin Line operates like clockwork!

​Moscow Wake Park, Moscow

Dismantling, installation, repairs and upgrade of Sesitec full size cable.
Infrastructure development. Wake park management including daly operation and events.

​"Vo-Club" Moscow

Design and installation of two Spin Line two tower systems.
Development and implementation of access and wake park management software

​Wakepool Moscow

A unique project which brings the possibility for sportsmen to train all the year round. We adopted two special cableways to be used in the Olympic-size 50-meter swimming pool with further development and management of the spot.

"UNITY wake park", Belgorod, Russia

Spin Line 200 meter two tower cableways system. Height of cable above the water is 11 meters. With pylon “B” installed on 5 meter depth in the lake. Happy customer equals returning customer, Since Unity ordered first system they had a chance to compare Spin with other cableways manufacturers and they made their choice in favour of quality, reliability and ease of operating by ordering two more.


Spin Line 192 meters two tower cableways system. Height of cable above the water is 10 meters.

 ​"Wake-time", Obninsk, Russia

SPIN LINE 200 meters two tower cableways system. The height of the cable above the water is 10 meters.

​"Vo-Club" Kaluga, Russia

Installation of modern Spin Control cable ways control and wake park management system instead of existing software.

SPIN factory in Moscow