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Right now SPIN  is a team of professional engineers, sportsmen and technical specialists, who have obtained an enormous amount of experience while working on unique, technically difficult projects. (Check our Projects page)

SPIN was founded in 2016 by Igor Perov and Vadim Perov. 

Vadim has 40+ years of experience as a leading engineer and worked in aviation, wind, and sound industries. He always managed to find unusual solutions to make a new assembly or device as cheap and reliable as possible. 


Vadim has tried water ski for the first time in 1961 and immediately fell in love with that sport. He passed this passion to his son, Igor, when he was at the age of 6. 


In 2002 Igor has tried boat wakeboarding and since then he wound himself taking an active part in the development of the Russian wakeboarding industry. In 2010, first cable wakeparks were built in Russia and cable wakeboarding started to gain its popularity, even though, back then, there was no reliable and affordable equipment for wakeparks on the market. That was the right time to combine Igors' experience in business and his fathers' engineering background to start the new company called SPIN. In the year 2014 the first commercial Two Tower Spin Cableway was released.

From that time, the company has grown into a full-scale business, that covers following areas:

  • Production of cableways and features for wakeboarding

  • Wakepark management

  • Wakepark consulting

  • Event management

Our product range has grown as well, and we produce following products:

  • 2 tower cables for wakeboarding

  • Fullsize cables for wakeboarding

  • Obstacles for wakeboarding

  • Additional features for infrastructure

  • Artificial waves

  • Indoor sport complexes

  • Mobile wake parks

Over the years of hard work, SPIN obtained a reputation of reliable partner, producing high quality machinery and equipment for wakeboarding with 100+ Spin Line and 5 Spin Ring systems installed in 7 countries.

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