SPIN RING - full size cableways
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Spin Ring is a full size cable system (FSC) for wakeboarding and other water sports with high capacity, which suits for professional rides as well as for beginners.


Full size allows placing a large number of obstacles on the water which makes riding more diverse and attracts a wider audience in comparison with two tower cable systems.


Full size cableway can be installed on both artificial and natural lake of suitable size.


The system is a non-permanent sport object and its installation does not require groundworks.

Full size tows up to 12 riders around a circle. The system is designed so that there is no need to stop the cable when another rider joins the ride.


The capacity of the system is 200-250 people per day. Smooth start and adjustable speed make riding experience comfortable for the first time riders and experienced sportsmen. Powerful electrical break stops the cable immediately if necessary.


The installation has low noise level and no exhaust or emission harmful for the environment, moreover it improves the ecology of the lake due to aeration caused by the passage of riders on the water.

The number of towers may varies from 4 to 6 with steel cable running between them on the altitude of eleven meters above the water. Minimum length of the cable way is 370 meters, however our experience says that recommended length is 550 – 600 meters. Maximum length may be limited by the size of the lake and by common sense.

Some FSC have length 1,5 km with 7 towers. From technical perspective it is complicated, however if the rider falls in the remote from the start zone part of the lake it may tale him 30-40 swimming or walking back to the start.

Towing steel cable is run by 18-45 kW electric motor, which is placed on the tower. The power of the motor depends on the lenght of the cableway (number of carriers) and maximum speed. Standard speed for wakeboarding is 32 km/h if you target your park for water skiers also the speed of the cable way may be as high as 60 km/h.

Towers are fixed vertically by steel tie rods while the later are secured to the concrete anchors on the ground or to ground screw anchors.

The operator runs the system from control board on a start zone.

Our equipment works flawlessly even in winter when the temperature drops lower zero and is suitable for snow tubing park.

The cable is run at 15 km/h which makes riding safe for kids and adults. The trail is made of counter slopes that speed up the tubes.

Winter snow tubing trail works perfectly in any weather conditions:

  • Frost

  • Snowbreak

  • Snow fall

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