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wake park
mobile wake park

Mobile wake parks is a temporary construction which consist of rapidly erected frame pools, special obstacles and one or more two tower cableways. It can become a place for shows, sport competitions and just for riding and trainings.

Advantages of mobile wake parks:

  • Does not require special permissions and groundworks

  • The size of the pools do not have any limitations and can be installed in any area

  • Installation / dismantling time is less than a week

  • Special water treatment system keeps water clean

wake park
wake park

Wake show


Rapidly erected wake park allows to carry out the most spectacular wakeboarding competitions and shows.

Crazy tricks performed by the top wakeboarders shall impress the most sophisticated audience.


Performance of 4-5 pro riders shall attract the attention of spectators for 30-40 minutes.


Competitions may long from 2 hours to several days.

Flyboard show

Our mobile wake parks can also host flyboard shows.

The show can take place both during the day and in the night time. Night show even more spectacular ​​due to special luminant costumes, laser lightning equipment and pyrotechnical support.

Within 5 - 20 minutes show sportsmen perform outstanding tricks flying on water jets on the altitude up to 15 meters.

 wake park
wake park

Rental of mobile wake parks

We would be glad to organise unique show with top wakeboard pro riders and flyboard champions for you.

Spin shall provide all necessary equipment, perform technical support and maintenance of the park and organisation of shows and competitions.

Sales of mobile parks


We gained outstanding experience which allows us to design and produce park capable to handle competitions of the highest level, teach first-timers and to train experienced wakeboarders.

mobile wake park

Please send request for quotation:

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